Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Secret Code..........

for anyone planning to attend one of the "Great Bridal Expo" in your city. You can use the promotional code BGWS (or KNOT) and get two free tickets. Click here for the tour schedule!!

Below Copied From Bridal Guide:

Check the schedule below to find out when The Great Bridal Expo, Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Shows and The Wedding Salon luxury bridal events will be in your area.

Bridal Guide is proud to be a part of the best bridal shows in the country:
The Great Bridal Expo, the nation's largest touring bridal exhibition; Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Shows, dedicated to brides and grooms for over 15 years; and The Wedding Salon, a luxury bridal event showcasing high-end products and services.

These shows feature aisles of top wedding professionals, fashion shows with the latest in bridal attire, and chances to win fabulous giveaways such as honeymoons, gowns, home furnishings and more. Find the show nearest you and start planning the wedding of your dreams today!

Special offer: Get two free tickets to any Great Bridal Expo show! Just click here to register and enter promo code BGWS.

Click here to register for any Perfect Wedding Guide show.

To register for The Wedding Salon luxury bridal events, click here.


  1. Hey-just wanted to let you know I put up a yellow flower inspiration board for you today ;)

  2. Tag, you're it~ Check out my blog for details!


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