Friday, January 30, 2009

"Honest Scrap" Award

I've been tagged from at A Match Made in Heaven with the "Honest Scrap" Award. Thanks girl! This brightens my day. So now I have to tell you 10 random facts about me. Well, lets see....

1. I vow to only use "real" Christmas Trees, never artificial

2. Getting my nails done is amazing therapy. My nail guy Alex is such a good listener and no matter where he goes, I'd follow.

3. I am the Director of the youth ministry at my church

4. I am like the only person in the world without a face book page.

5. Forensic Files is my favorite TV show.

6. I am the only girl and the youngest of my parents children.

7. I am in love with those DNA pictures that you can get as art.

8. I can't live without my to-do list.

9. I own a company that I love.

10. I can't imagine life without you all, my beloved blogger buddies.

And now I have to pass this on the 7 other blogs, so here we go ladies:
Since so many of my blog friends have received this award, I'll just give it to my seven most recent followers. They all have fabulous blogs!!
Kristin at Something Blue
Brandy at Something Weddings
Brenn at Where Preppy meets Hippie
Jane at In the Waiting Line
Goldie at A Brides Golden Moments
A Biltmore Bride
Chrissy at 3. 2. 1.


  1. Thank you so much :-))

    I was director of the youth ministry as well... Great job *smile*

  2. hey, just wanted to drop by and give you my new blog address:


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