Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blissful Gratitude................

I couldn't wait to get home today to write this blog! It seemed like my work day would never end! Why? Glad you asked! Because, to my great surprise, a total stranger touched my heart as I read blogs last night. A virtual sista-friend, home girl, blog buddy wrote an amazing post about yours truley.

Out of the blue, Sony AKA Bridal Bliss said some really nice things about me and then put the worst picture I've ever taken up on the post (that's a true friend, the worst picture? hahaha). The love of God shines through you!

So, I went online and found this cute little graphic to show my appreciation!
Queen City Bride
Build your own Blingee

Here's looking at you!

Thanks so much Sony for your kind words and encouragement! That's what life is all about! Touching the lives of others and encouraging them to move forward another day, even when they don't feel like it! We never know what's going on in others lives and how our small (or not so small) acts of kindness will last a lifetime in others.

I can't say thank you enough!!!!

And let me not forget to shout out and thank all of those who have left a comment on this particular post on her page! You guys are the greatest group of supportive gals a blogger could ask for.


  1. Ohhhhhhhh Snap! No you didn't! Girl, you got me! LOL!!! I am adoring that amazing crown on my head, & I could really get used to that...muuuuhaaaaahhhhhaaaaahhh (that's my naughty laugh). I love the way my baby is sweating me in that pic with the hearts swirling around his chocolate fabulousness, & I have the fairy dust, and...and....and....I could go on! Thanks so much for the love fest over here. I love visiting your blog! :)

    Happy Blogging...

  2. Aw thanks sweetie. but you really deserved the shout out... the blog is great, and I am loving visitin' it daily!

    PS. Love the blinged out Header , that is too cute and too sweet!!! :)


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