Friday, January 9, 2009

Auntie Role?

I have a dilemma. I am not sure what role my aunt should play in my wedding. My mom has 13 brothers and sisters but I have a special relationship with this one particular aunt. She is the youngest of my mom's 13 siblings and she stayed with my family for a little while when I was a kid. She is also the person helping me plan my wedding because she is the only person I know who lives in the city where the wedding will take place.

I already have a Maid of Honor, Matron of Honor, 6 bridesmaids, and 2 Jr. Bridesmaids. Also, on my "bridesmaid side", there is already 1 more person than the "groomsmen side" so anything else would make it really unbalanced. My wedding coordinator said that Candle Lighters are usually younger people so that crossed that off the list. She also will have a different dress because she has already gotten her fabric to have a special dress made for the occasion in the colors of our wedding.

What types of roles are available for Godmother/Aunt in a wedding ceremony!

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I need your help!


  1. If you are doing Bible readings you could have her do a reading.
    Do you have a poem that you really like that means a lot to you and your FH? If so, have her read it. Hopefully that is a little helpful!

  2. This is a very good one for me as my life is filled with amazing aunties...I agree with a reading, or perhaps highlighting them somehow in the program or during the reception?

  3. One of my aunts and I are really close. She is almost like a second mom to me. I'm also an only child so she fills in the times I need an older sister, as well.

    She's actually my MOH, but I am sure there are tons of other ways to incorporate your aunt into your special day.

    Like LauraAnn said she can do a reading or be an assistant with the guestbook or programs or anything.

    I know your wedding coordinator said that it's typically younger individuals that do certain tasks, but it's still your wedding. You can have an adult male as your flower girl if you wanted to. Like this guy:

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You will love Hackberry Creek! We had such a great time!!!

    Also, I agree with the reading!

  5. A reading is definitely a great place for an aunt/godmother. I plan to ask my godfather to do one of our readings.

    You might also want to make sure you put a special thank you to her in your programs.

  6. I agree with everyone above - a special reading and/or a special thank you to her in the program.


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