Tuesday, January 6, 2009

One fish, Two fish, Red fish, Blue fish.....

Hay gals (and guys if there are any reading),

I have a dilemma! It's about my centerpieces.

Since I first begin planning my wedding one of the main things I have always said I wanted were fish in my centerpieces. I really don't have a preference to what is on top of the water or in the water with the fish but I know I want fish. Our colors are Blue and Yellow and I've seen some really cute blue and yellow fish out there.

However, my dilemma is what to do with the fish when I am finish with the reception. With 200 guests and 90% of them traveling, I don't think my aunt's idea to give them away would go over so well. I don't think there would be enough people who would want to take the centerpieces home with them.

So, I was thinking of maybe giving them to a children's shelter or children's hospital or something. As a donation, me and FH could supply them with the food and stuff to take care of the fish. (or something to that effect)

The other dilemma is that my FH really wants floating candles somewhere incorporated in the event. Let me first say that he has been great in his participation of this planning process. He hasn't really asked for much but he did identify floating candles as a "must have". I am considering using floating candles as the Unity Candle at the ceremony but he also wants them at the reception. So my question is: "Can fish live in water when a burning candle is floating on top the water?" That may be a silly question but I would hate to kill the fish by burning the candle and have poor dead fish at my wedding reception. That would be horrible!!!

Here are some photos that I found online:
Photo Source
Photo Source
Photo Source
Photo Source
Photo Source
Photo Source

So please ladies, give any suggestions that you may have about my fish issue. HELP :-)

Here is a nice article about fish centerpieces!


  1. I have no suggestions sadly but had to stop to say that's such a clever idea as a centerpeice, and i love that you are trying to think ahead in re: to the fishes' lives :)


  2. Im no expert at all but I think that they would live, just don't get goldfish!! They barely make it home from carnivals. Very creative idea!

  3. I would suggest giving the fish to a daycare or a school.

    Also when you buy your fish make sure you have extras in case some die before the guest get there and do a test trial with the flowers so that you know for sure the little fish will last as long as you need them with the typ of candle you want burning and everything.

  4. Congrats!! I suggest you or the florist make a complete centerpiece, this way you can determine the life span of the fish. Remember fish need a certain amount of O2 in their water if you cover the top of the bowl completely with flowers they will not survive long. Plus do not over feed the fish the morning of your reception or you will have floaties :) After the reception you can give the centerpieces to whom ever wants one. Hope this information helps alittle. Tere

  5. I looked into some fish stuff since we are having a nautical wedding.

    Goldfish will pretty much die pretty quickly without oxygen flowing through. So if you don't want to risk belly up fish by the end of the reception, stick to betas.

    Places like TJMaxx have some cool options to display fish. We have Buoy in this thing on our mantel: http://photos-h.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-sf2p/v258/106/31/12700764/n12700764_35832935_1759.jpg

    You can get all kinds of decorative stones, flowers, candles etc and send them home at the end of the day with kids. Kids always like fish. Adults, too

  6. That's a cool idea. I just recently saw that concept on an episode of Rich Bride, Poor Bride on WEtv - if I'm not mistaking, she had floating candles on hers as well and it was fine.

    I hope you do figure out a way to make it work since that would be such a unique detail at your wedding. Good luck with that!

  7. I have no clue whether fish and floating candles can co-mingle with out a tragic ending. Could you maybe group the vases (have the main centerpiece vase with the fish and cool rocks in it but then have a vase or two that are smaller with floating candles around the main vase with the fish)? Good luck with the search!

  8. Yes candles will be okay! If any wax slid off the side of the candle, it would cool and harden as soon as it hit the water!

    As long as you get bettas then you have no problem with size of the bowl or oxygen (like I mentioned to you before, Bettas can breathe oxygen just like people do! They don't need it in their water).

    Another idea-- you might pick a handful of tables to do Betta's on rather than doing them on every table, so you have less fish to worry about.
    You could leave a note for guests on the table to encourage them to take the whole vase/beta home with them!

    You backup plan can be the children's hospital-- or you could talk with some local elementary teachers and see if they would like to "adopt" the fish for their class!

  9. So I forgot that I had bookmarked some fishy decor on my desktop and I just accidentally clicked on one and it reminded me to share it with you!


  10. This is a great idea! I like it much and so your guests will, too {I'm sure} :-)
    I think, the fish will have no prob with floating candles. And I need to agree to Tere.
    Also giving the fish to a children's medical unit at a hospital is gorgeous :-)


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