Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Thanks for coming to my corner!! Join me in the video below as I share with you my favorite products from Jolie Bloom. (www.JolieBloom.com)

I love doing product reviews and the items we will discuss today are:
  • Wake Up: Coffee & Cane Sugar Scrub
  • Soothing Body Butter Bar
  • Coffee Cake: Creamy Latte Face Scrub
  • and the Royal Oats Shower Bar
Have you ever used Jolie Bloom? What was your experience?

Is there a scrub that you absolutely love? Leave it below, I may want to try it!

Do you take the time to invest in self care? If no, why not?

Happy 2nd Anniversary Jolie Bloom!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

BUSINESS REVIEW: Panera Bread, Greenville, SC (Haywood Mall)

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! I had the very best experience today at Panera Bread at Haywood Mall in Greenville, SC. Managers Marc, Susie, and Keith and the rest of the staff made it very hard for any other Panera to impress me more than they did today!! I am officially #TeamStore654

Panera also has this new "Fast Lane" and "Rapid Pick Up" system that makes the experience super convenient and easy! Who doesn't LOVE easy? With the fast lane, you walk in and order from a Kiosk (read: ipad) and everything is right there in words and pictures for you to select. With the "Rapid Pick Up," everyone with a mobile device essentially becomes a cash register. You order through your phone and when you arrive to the store, your order is waiting for you in the "Rapid Pick Up" section. Easy Breezy!


~ Free Cookie for using the Kiosk - This might only be for a limited time but every time I used the kiosk today, they gave me a free cookie! No explanation needed why this is Uber Fabulous!! I mean, who doesn't love FREE PANERA COOKIES?

~ The "No No List" - if you ever have some free time while in Panera, have a manager show you the No No List. It lists all of the ingredients that they have eliminated from the items on their menu. While I had never heard of many of the things on the list, the elimination of High Fructose Corn Syrup is HUGE because it is pretty much in everything! But Panera goes back to basics ad uses plain ole sugar for their sweet treats. Gotta Love It!!

~ My food was delicious, The Bathroom were Clean, The Staff was Friendly, and The Service was Fast - These things go without explaining but must be mentioned because they are severely lacking in many of today's establishments. Walking into this place was like walking into my own personal piece of heaven!

~ Everything was easy....... Do It Yourself system, Lots of Tables, Plenty of Space

~ Everything you need within arms reach at the "Pick Up Bar" - Whatever you need is fully stocked at the pick up bar: Napkins, Butter, Water Cups, Paper Bags (in case you change your mind about your Dine-In order), Water Cups, EVERYTHING!! I can appreciate this! I hate nothing more than to be in a restaurant and having to feel like they are too cheap to give me more than 2.5 napkins. Situations like that make me want to scream, "Why are you hording the napkins when I just gave you $15 dollars for a sandwich and chips!!!" Panera is making the competition look bad, LOL


I only have 2 suggestions for the "Fast Lane" system but after all, today was the very first day of roll out. When I arrived, it appeared to be between breakfast and lunch because there were a ton of breakfast items still available for me to choose from. (I am not sure when the exact change over is). However, I could no longer find the breakfast item on the kiosk because it had already changed over to lunch. But a staff member swiftly came over to the kiosk and processed my order through his register. It was quicker than I could blink so no complaints here. :-)

The second suggestion is that the kiosk warn me when I am about to buy an item that I can get for free. The very first thing the kiosk did was ask me to swipe my "My Panera" card. I proceeded to order a bagel and then I payed for it. Moments later when I went to the register to order something different, the associate informed me that I had a free bagel as a reward on my "My Panera" card. While I'm appreciative for it, I redeemed it but would have probably just gotten 1 if I had known.


There is no "Order Everything" button because when you love Panera as much as I do you just want to ORDER EVERYTHING! LOL

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

BUSINESS REVIEW: Tim Hortons, Bridgewater, NJ

16 months, 1 week, 2 days, and 4 hours.......... That is how long it has been since I saw my first Tim Hortons and wanted to try!! We don't have them in Georgia so every time I went up north I kept saying that I needed to try it. However, it was never on the right side of the street, never at an hour where I was hungry for pastries, or the weather would not let me be great due to rain, sleet, or snow! BUT TODAY! Today, I went into my first Tim Horton's and boy was it worth the wait!! It was everything I dreamed it would be! #SugarHeaven LOL

 I ordered an Apple Fritter and Chocolate Milk. Then I got a Boston Creme to go, because you can always tell a good donut shop by it's Apple Fritter and Boston Creme! My Apple Fritter was AMAZING! But, of course it was, it was made by a Horton! #WeShareTheSameLastName

When I first walked in, I saw people sipping coffee in the lounge area (which looked super comfortable), doing homework in seating area (They have Free Wifi) and overall enjoying coffee, pasties, and breakfast sandwiches. Next time, I'll have to try one of the breakfast sandwiches because they looked delish! I was helped by a kind guy named Drew. He was patient with me as I asked a million "first-timer" questions and I could sense that he was holding back a chuckle at my virgin experience. Luckily, there was no one else in line.




They had nice, clean, restrooms and the restaurant was overall clean.Service was quick and associates were helpful.There was plenty of parking. They have a Drive-Thru for those on the go. They have a great selection of hot items that looked yummy. My apple fritter was the best I've had in a long time.


They did not have a lot of outlets to plug in electronic devices. My Boston Creme dried out a little too quick for my taste.I probably should have eaten it there in the restaurant instead of  2 hours later. I would have liked more of a milk selection. They only had one size and one brand.


The only "ugly" was that my visit was too short. :-) I wish that I could have stayed longer. I certainly enjoyed my first experience at Tim Hortons!

Thursday, September 22, 2016


I was so excited to head to Legoland earlier this year!! I've been about 3 or 4 times since then and have enjoyed each moment. A lot of people that I have spoken with prior to going said that they expected more from the attraction but in my mind, how much more could it be considering that it is inside the mall. Needless to say, my exceptions weren't much so perhaps that is why they exceeding them.
First, let me say that I was surprised that the attraction had "rides" as a part of the attraction. Again, it's inside of the mall, not even the size of a traditional department store. To me, that says they are trying. LOL There is a ride that is similar to a carnival ride that goes around in a circle while 2 individuals sit in these little pods. It doesn't go fast, LOL but it goes. It's cute. The other ride is a little more engaging and is my favorite of the two. You are in a cart and shooting lasers at the bad lego guys that appear throughout the ride on digital screens. On this ride, they also take your picture and you are able to purchase it at the end, complete with the score so that you have bragging rights with the others who are in the cart with you. (HINT: Make sure to ask if they have a combo package because sometimes it is not listed on the screens and to ask for the membership discount if you are a season pass holder.)

They also have an exhibit that changes each season. Over the course of my time having a season pass, there have been 2 exhibits. They have both been nice and contain a 'jungle gym' type of structure that allows for the children to have a play area type obstacle course experience.

The other areas include a toddler play section with huge soft legos and cute lego statues, a 3D movie theater with special effects like rain and wind (not for the little ones, in my opinion), a cafe, and a special room with Atlanta-themed lego structures that are absolutely amazing and a moving lego branded marta train! There's also a small room that seems to contain a classroom setting where you can make lego collectables but in all the times I've been there, it's never been open.

Every time we have been here, has been fun and exciting for my little one. We also always hop over to Johnny Rockets for shakes afterwards which is a nice treat. (Note: The cafe in LegoLand has limited options so if you want to grab something in the food court of the mall before heading in, that's a good idea.)

I think we'll try LegoLand in Orlando next! Has anyone been to the bigger LegoLand Theme Park Resort in Florida? What was the best part about it?

Tameka's Tips:
~ Purchase your tickets online before heading to the box office. You will save money and even have the option to purchase a ticket that comes with a lego collectible.
~ Phipps Plaza has underground parking that will put you close to the door of the section of the mall where LegoLand is. Only a few trips up the escalator and your there. They also have outdoor parking but that's a trek.
~ My favorite souvenir purchase is the "Minifigure" lego men and women where you get 5 for $15. (You can also use your season pass discount in the store so don't forget to ask the cashier.) Once purchased, your kids can "trade" them with staff members every time they come to Lego Land.
~ The season pass is worth it if you are going more than once.
~ Try to get as much information from the website as possible because you will almost never get anyone on the phone if you have a question.

Other things worth mentioning include the fact that they have an adult night, rooms for birthday parties, toddler only days, and a store that is accessible to customers even if you did not attend the attraction.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

We Go Live On September 15th!! Introducing Tameka's Corner

Welcome to Tameka's Corner, the Ultimate Travel & Lifestyle Blog!! How exciting!! I am so happy that you are here and joining me for this roller coaster ride of an adventure into the world of Business, Travel, Beauty, and Family!!

They say that the definition of a corner is: a place or angle where two or more sides or edges meet.
That means that here, in Tameka's Corner, we will meet and gather to share the journey from the multiple sides of our lives. There are 4 major pieces to the puzzle of my life:

This blog will be like NO OTHER!! I will dish on all of the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to everything related to my corner of the world!
This will be the place to share my:
~ tales of the most beautiful places I travel to in the world,
~ trade secrets of entrepreneurship & business management,
~ expertise in all things beauty,
~ and survival tips on navigating the ups and downs of blended family life!!

I am so happy that you have chosen to join me for the ride!! Grab a snack and get cozy in my corner of the world!!


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