Thursday, January 1, 2009


Hey ya'll!

It's New Years Day and I'm sitting on the sofa with my FH watching music videos. ( I know I said I wouldn't post anything new today but I absolutely can't contain myself since this is the first time in about four months that there is positively nothing written on my calendar for me to do today! Whoo Hoo!) So, I really hate watching music videos because I am convinced that it slowly kills your brain cells but there is something sweet about being able to watch them with my FH. Actually it's kind of turning out to be a somewhat intellectual experience because we are able to discuss some of the trends and sociological effects of what we see (the sociologist coming out in me) on the videos. Anyway, since I'm half watching and half on the computer I figured this would be a good time to post a little something about my love bug!!

I'm more of a bullet point kinda girl as opposed to the paragraph type so I'll highlight ten random fact about my baby that I love:

  • I love him because he keeps telling me he's going to cut off his braids for the wedding. hahaha, the wedding is 2 weeks before our 30th birthday so he says we gotta grow up. LOL

  • I love him because he's from Detroit and since I'm from Oklahoma, he has a little edge that kinda sexy.

  • I love him because he prays and although he wasn't big on praying in front of my family at our big Christmas Dinner, he took my hand and braves through it. He even got the "pat on the back" from my dad when it was over.

  • I love him because he is a good listener. And unlike me, he is very good at retaining information.

  • I love him because he wakes me up every morning with a text message that says, "Good Morning Beautiful!"

  • I love him because he always gets mad when I let my gas tank get below the half (or especially quarter line).

  • I love him the because he always grabs my stomach and tells me he likes my belly.

  • I love him because he road trips with me even when he doesn't feel like it.

  • I love him because he's loyal and genuine.

  • I love him because he's happy when he's eating my cooking.

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