Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm so very honored!!

Greetings all!!!

I am loving every minute of be a blogger and learning/sharing all I can so that we can all have amazing weddings!!

And now it seems my experience here has earned me a reward (although I'm rewarded every day by having great bridal blog friends like you). I just found out today that I am a finalist in "Motif Designs" wedding logo giveaway! (YYYEEEAAA!!! Thanks Motif for thinking enough of me to include me in the final round!)
Now it's YOUR turn to help this Bride fulfill her dream of having a beautiful, custom, personalized wedding logo! WOW, How cool is that? I could really use it considering one of my themes is "monogram". I even choose my reception site because they throw in a monogrammed ice sculpture with most of their packages. :-) LOL

So, I graciously ask you to please go to Motif Designs Blogs and vote for your buddy Authentically U-Bride in the Wedding Logo Giveaway!!!! The winner will be chosen next Saturday.


  1. oh my goodness, those pics are so cute, lol - I'm definently going to vote for you!
    PS: your playlist is dope! I was thinking of incorporating "Love Is You" by Chrisette Michelle in the wedding somewhere - I love that song!

  2. I'm heading over right now!! Good luck!

  3. I voted for you!!!
    I think you gonna win, girl ;-)


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