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Relationship Development

So, today I'll bring over a blog from my other site. I'm glad I was introduced to blogger before I'd written to many on the other site. I think I only have about 5 more to transfer. Anyway, this is "Relationship Development" and That {Engaged} Girl (and fellow Oklahoman) inspired me to bring it over today with all of her "After Wedding" talk! Thanks! Originally Posted on 12/10/08.

Being a marketing professional, a large majority of my job is placed in a category called, "business development".

From what I've learned so far about business development, this is how I've come to define it. Business Development is when you come up with strategic plans and initiatives to enhance your ability to get and retain client relationships. It is creating a group of standards in which to operate so that you are best able to maximize your relationship with the client.

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What does this have to do with a wedding and marriage....................?

Well, I recently created my wedding website and one of my dear friends posted a message in my guestbook about making sure we put as much effort into preparing for our marriage as we do into preparing for our wedding. I think that's great advice!!! So I decided that every time I make a move in my wedding planning, I will make a move to better my relationship. I'm sure this will help my marriage in the long run.

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So from this day forth, in an effort to keep my head in the right place as it comes to this wedding/marriage planning and not to get too consumed in the EVENT, I will do a "Relationship Development" activity at least once a week. Maybe I'll keep a calendar!

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I'll let you know how it goes.....................

This week's activity was a trip to New Orleans for the Saints/Falcons game (It was on Sunday so it counts for this week). My FH was really happy even though we didn't have the best seats, I endured a Football game, and we spent some quality time. Plus we toasted to our 3 year anniversary of dating (although its on the 29th.)


  1. Good luck! I think its great you have a clear head and are starting from a good point :)



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