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7 Random Facts! :-)

I did this a few months ago and just kinda felt like reposting!

So here goes my seven random facts!
1) I am obsessed with the action of speedometers turning to a "thousandth". From back in the day when they would "roll over" to now when they change digitally, I love when the speedometer is on an even number in the thousands. it's gotten so bad that my friends will pull off to the side of the road and take pictures with their camera phones & text them to me to make my day. I get so excited when mine rolls over! There is something magical when it says 43,000. hahahaha Photo Source

2) I love hospital food! Absolutely love it! When I was little I used to beg my parents to take me to the hospital to eat hospital food when all the other kids wanted to go to McDonald's. Even to this day, I don't like a whole lot of seasoning on my food and prefer hospital food.Photo Source

3) I am a shark fanatic. I belong to seven different organizations that are for shark pro…'s been a minute!

Yea, it's been a while since I've written a blog post. I must admit, facebook has been getting all my social network love and attention for the last few months.

However, I've decided that I want to come back to blogging. Can't a girl change her mind? Sheesh! LOL

So a lot has happened since the last time we talked. Shortly before I started this blog, I'd called off my wedding and thought this would be a good outlet and release. However, as it turned out all I wanted to do was mourn in private and didn't feel like blogging one bit.

Well, fast forward six months and you get a fresh chick with a new outlook on life. God is good. He takes good care of me and comforts me in my time of need. LIFE IS GREAT! I've moved forward with career goals, went back to school, moved into a fabulous apartment, travel at least once a month, started back up my business and continued to stay active in church.

Although I am no longer a bride-to-be, I fell in love with wedding "stu…