PRODUCT REVIEW - Bic Velocity Max Mechanical Pencil

I am so impressed with this product!! I've been burned by mechanical pencils in the past that turned out to be a complete waste of money. But this Bic Velocity Max Mechanical Pencil has won my heart and I'm in love with how perfect it is for my needs!  It comes in these awesome cool colors, writes super smoothes, the lead doesn't jump or skip while I'm writing, it's functional and easy to use, comfortable, and it has the biggest, best, eraser I've ever seen or used!! Best of all, the lead doesn't break off while I'm writing. Not only is that extremely frustrating, but it's also wasteful and costly. I have really enjoyed using the product and it now has a new home as a staple in my home office, and professional environments. I also plan to keep one in my purse because it's just that good. I highly recommend this product!! ***The opinions reflected here are my own. I received all products shown complimentary, in exchange for my honest opinion.


I really like shopping at Kohl's!! I always find a great selection of items for the whole family!! The sales staff were extremely nice and knowledgeable, the shopping area was clean and organized, and there was plenty of parking. I enjoyed seeing the digital price tags and having helpful associates available when I had questions. They also are always wonderful when it comes to processing the returns. Great shopping experience, always!!***The opinions reflected here are my own. I received all products shown complimentary, in exchange for my honest opinion. To get your box of FREE products, check out Influenster here: #Ad #GotItFree #VoxBox #influencer #Blogger #ProductReview #Reviewer #ConsumerReport #InfluensterVoxBox #Blog #BlogLife #LifestyleBlog #BrandAmbassador***

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PRODUCT REVIEW: AZO Bladder Control with Go-Less

I really enjoyed trying out this brand. While I don't consider myself to have a "major issue" with bladder control, but being a female who travels a lot for my profession, I often have bladder concerns because I don't always have access to a bathroom for most of the day. This products was a miracle. Obviously, the best part of Azo Bladder Control with Go-Less is that it works! There was no taste, the Azo pill was easy to swallow, it didn't leave me nauseous or with an upset stomach, and I didn't even have to take it with food and it was still gentle. I plan to keep a bottle of Azo in my work vehicle from now on for those times when I'm on a 16 hour road trip and can't stop to go to the bathroom. Azo Bladder Control also worked well in helping me to sleep through the night, no matter when I'm able to get my sleep time in. My opinions reflected here are solely my own. I received all products shown complimentary, in exchange for my honest opinion and…


Who hasn't heard of Walmart's famous Rollbacks? Clearly, everyone knows what that means!

So, today I received an email from Influenster that had me super excited!! It stated that the majority of the Olay Body Wash line was on Rollback at Walmart!! Whew Whoo!!! I was stoked!! Considering this is a product that I will always have to use (I mean we use soap every day, right?), I thought this would be a great opportunity to stock up! I typically opt to wait for a coupon steal to stockpile body wash but this rollback made it hard to resist! I headed to my local Walmart to check and see if my favorite scents were included in the roll back.

If you'd like to hear more about my Olay experience, check out my YouTube video below!
You might also want to check out my new pinterest board to get some other ideas regarding my idea of the perfect bath time!

DISCLAIMER: The opinions reflected here at Tameka's Corner are my own and made without bias. To get your box of FREE products, …

BOOK REVIEW: The Mind of a Winner

I am so excited to share my that friend, Steve Canal, released his first book, "The Mind Of A Winner" last week on Amazon!! The kindle version is ready now and you can lock in your pre-sale order here!
A Personal Growth Book Filled With Power Moves And Methodologies From The Likes of Business Mogul Daymond John, Real Estate Tycoon Barbara Corcoran, Sports Champions & T.V. Analysts Swin Cash & Kenny "The Jet Smith", Millennial Genius Everette Taylor, Grammy Award Winner 2 Chainz, Creative Visionary Joe Anthony and Pop Fashion Influencer Mary Seats. The Book Is Written With The Intent To
Cut Your Learning Curve And Inspire A Winning Mindset That Will Put You On The Path To Achieving Success With Purpose. I'm so excited to read it and share my thoughts!!
Review Blog Post coming soon!!
Check back for my thoughts!!

PS - Just for fun, I thought I'd share this pic of Steve and I. Although it's blurry, it's one of my f…

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