Saturday, January 3, 2009

My new friends are inspiring me to venture from the plan!

So, the plan was to only post some of my blogs from the other site in consecutive order so you can get to know me before I start writing original blogs on here.

We'll I'm inspired by the broke ass bride to write one today instead of cutting and pasting for the next 2 weeks.

She is in a contest and I wo9uld like to spread the word so you all can vote for her. You can only vote once a day until January 29 but three different ways (So I guess that's more like 3 votes a day :-))

To make a friend, be a friend...........................Here is the low-down from her blog:
We've got a great lead on the competition, but its sure to tighten up quickly, so please remember you can vote once per day on their website, but note that the questions change up every day or so...

Usually, they ask for:
Our names: Hunter Stiebel and Dana LaRue
Our wedding date: May 24, 2009
The location of one of their planting grounds - all of which can be found here
Their toll-free number: 1-866-972-8733
Any other answers are usually quite easy to locate.
You can also vote once per day on Twitter!
Just post the following link, along with our names: Dana LaRue/Hunter Stiebel @TreesInstead
Or, once a day on Facebook!
Follow the link below, clicking "join group" and leaving a message on their wall stating that you vote for us!
Voting is open until Jan. 29th, so vote early and often... your 3 potential votes each day can really be the thing that makes or breaks the competition! If we win, we get an amazing array of earth-friendly rewards such as trees planted for all our guests, and carbon offsets for all our travel, but the grand prize is a honeymoon to Costa Rica! Lawd knows we could use it!

Let's spread the love!!! Best Wishes Broke Ass Bride!!

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