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My USA journey: As many USA states as I can go to in one year!!

Welcome to Tameka's Corner!!
Where ever you are in your corner of the world, we are happy to have you here!!
In 2016, I began traveling extensively for a new career and decided to capture and post some state and city signs here on the blog. Hope you enjoy them!!
Where are you checking in from today?
Leave me a comment below to let me know where you're checking in from?
(ALASKA... coming soon)
(ARIZONA... coming soon)
(CALIFORNIA... coming soon)
(COLORADO... coming soon) Connecticut
(DELAWARE... coming soon)
(HAWAII... coming soon)
(IDAHO... coming soon) Illinois
Indiana  Iowa

(KANSAS... coming soon)

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!!!!!

Hey there TC crew!!! I hope that as you read this post you are still basking in the New Year spirit with gratitude and hopefulness!! I am so excited that we are here together to continue our journey of making our mark on the world. I decided to wait until Friday to do my New Years post because I wanted to complete the first full week of the New Year and celebrate all week long before coming into your inbox. I'm sure you were bombarded with emails and social media post as the week began so I decided to wait until the beloved Friday to make sure that everyone was still on course with the momentum that the New Year brings.

There's something about new beginnings that I am absolutely in love with!! I love Mondays, the next day after a birthday, the first day of a new job or school (orientations), starting new projects, and of course New Years Day! It's my absolute favorite holiday! Perhaps it's the idea of a clean slate. The opportunity to start fresh, which many of us take…