Monday, November 20, 2017

Plant-Based Eating Plan - Meal Prep (11/19) - 1 Week Trial

Hey Corner Clique!!

So it's mid November and while Thanksgiving and Christmas are still approaching, I have my eyes set on another upcoming holiday....... New Years Eve!!

Living away from my family means that there are some years when I am unable to go home for the holidays. This usually happens especially if it's the holiday season before our big family reunions, which happen every three years. This coming summer, we will be headed to Sacramento, California for our big gathering!!

I guess that brings me to my why..... I hope this doesn't sound shallow but..... I really want to wear (and look good in) a sequin dress for New Years Eve. Not just this year, but year after year, after year, after year, after year..............................Let's be real, sequin can be very unforgiving, it's just not one of those fabrics that everyone loves. But it can be so beautiful and festive during this time of year. Sequin makes me happy!! :-) Therefore, I'm going to work hard and try my best to ensure that I look good in my sequin dress.

Obviously, aside from feeling and looking good in my clothes, I'd like to try some variations of food to see how hey each affect my body. While I have grown to pay close attention to my body, my health, and how I feel, I have rarely cut out certain things and do a detox, of sorts, to see if I feel any different. I look forward to seeing which foods agree with me more and which eating lifestyle will give me maximize results in feeling great, having great skin and hair, and achieving overall wellness. I've heard so many great things about plant-based eating so I am going to try that for a few weeks and see how I feel and how it affects me.

Right now, It's Sunday Night, I just finished grocery shopping, washing my veggies, steaming, roasting, peeling, chopping, meal prepping, and having a cup of detox tea. This starts tomorrow and my good friend Keonna told me that being prepared is the key so I'm taking tonight to do just that.

I am also incorporating intermittent fasting into the eating plan mix. I've been doing intermittent fasting for about 3 months off and on, so that part will be a little easier for me. I've seen amazing results with IF and of course "results = motivation!!" You can check out my IF experience in a future blog post that I plan to write over the holiday break. Intermittent Fasting is an eating pattern where you have an eating window with is usually 8 hours of time (some people do 6 hours) and then you allow your body to rest from food for the remaining 16 hours of a 24 hours day. (I know you wish there were more than 24 hours in a day but........ I digress, LOL) Now, of those 16 hours that are remaining after your eating window closes, you should be sleep at least 8 of those. And that, my friend, is what makes IF so easy to follow. One of my favorite YouTubers to discuss IF is Dr. Eric Berg, DC. I'll post one of his videos below.

Of course I still have a ton of questions about food, nutrition, and Plant-Based Eating but you have to start somewhere. I'm sure I will make mistakes along the way. I'll have to find substitutes for my favorite foods, I'll fall off the wagon, and get back up. I'll have to take vitamins to make sure I'm getting a better balance of nutrients. I'll be confused. I'll be elated with results.................. So many questions and doubts, but so much hope and fun experimentation!!

I AM SO EXCITED and happy that you will be following my journey to New Years Eve!! Let's see what happens!!!

~ Commit to trying out 100% plant-based eating
~ Drink half my body weaight in water every day
~ Go to the gym at least 3-4 days a week
~ Drink a cup of detox tea every morning
~ Incorporate more prayer and meditation with my Intermittent Fasting

{Below is the video with Dr. Berg ,DC, that I referenced above}


  1. Congratulations, my dear. I applaud you for the courage to embark on this journey. Of course it isn’t shallow to want to look good - there are huge benefits from a plant based diet. I admire your goals & look forward to watching things unfold for you. A little each day, progress is made & before you know it, you’ll be counting down in that lovely outfit of yours! 😉😘 Evelyn, PathofPresence

  2. I have never really thought about going plant based but I can not wait to see how your journey goes. This is such a great goal!

  3. Good luck with your new diet! I don't know if I could do it since I love meat too much, but if it works well for you, I may have to give it a go as well.

  4. All the best with your new diet! I know you can do it.

  5. You're brave, such a challenging diet journey ! Personally I'm not ready to dive 100 percent into plant-based eating right away. However, I read that whole, plant-based foods contain all the essential nutrients (with the exception of vitamin B12) we need. I will follow your diet journey until New Years Eve !

  6. It is great how dedicated and knowledgeable you are about your new health plans. Combining a healthy diet with the right amount of exercise is one of my biggest goals. What is the benefit of intermittent fasting?

  7. I remember when I was trying to do those goals this last year. I really need to get back to doing it this year. Hope it goes well for you.

  8. Wow you are so well prepared! Bravo! I am more determined this year to eat healthier.


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