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I was so excited to head to Legoland earlier this year!! I've been about 3 or 4 times since then and have enjoyed each moment. A lot of people that I have spoken with prior to going said that they expected more from the attraction but in my mind, how much more could it be considering that it is inside the mall. Needless to say, my exceptions weren't much so perhaps that is why they exceeding them.
First, let me say that I was surprised that the attraction had "rides" as a part of the attraction. Again, it's inside of the mall, not even the size of a traditional department store. To me, that says they are trying. LOL There is a ride that is similar to a carnival ride that goes around in a circle while 2 individuals sit in these little pods. It doesn't go fast, LOL but it goes. It's cute. The other ride is a little more engaging and is my favorite of the two. You are in a cart and shooting lasers at the bad lego guys that appear throughout the ride on digital screens. On this ride, they also take your picture and you are able to purchase it at the end, complete with the score so that you have bragging rights with the others who are in the cart with you. (HINT: Make sure to ask if they have a combo package because sometimes it is not listed on the screens and to ask for the membership discount if you are a season pass holder.)

They also have an exhibit that changes each season. Over the course of my time having a season pass, there have been 2 exhibits. They have both been nice and contain a 'jungle gym' type of structure that allows for the children to have a play area type obstacle course experience.

The other areas include a toddler play section with huge soft legos and cute lego statues, a 3D movie theater with special effects like rain and wind (not for the little ones, in my opinion), a cafe, and a special room with Atlanta-themed lego structures that are absolutely amazing and a moving lego branded marta train! There's also a small room that seems to contain a classroom setting where you can make lego collectables but in all the times I've been there, it's never been open.

Every time we have been here, has been fun and exciting for my little one. We also always hop over to Johnny Rockets for shakes afterwards which is a nice treat. (Note: The cafe in LegoLand has limited options so if you want to grab something in the food court of the mall before heading in, that's a good idea.)

I think we'll try LegoLand in Orlando next! Has anyone been to the bigger LegoLand Theme Park Resort in Florida? What was the best part about it?

Tameka's Tips:
~ Purchase your tickets online before heading to the box office. You will save money and even have the option to purchase a ticket that comes with a lego collectible.
~ Phipps Plaza has underground parking that will put you close to the door of the section of the mall where LegoLand is. Only a few trips up the escalator and your there. They also have outdoor parking but that's a trek.
~ My favorite souvenir purchase is the "Minifigure" lego men and women where you get 5 for $15. (You can also use your season pass discount in the store so don't forget to ask the cashier.) Once purchased, your kids can "trade" them with staff members every time they come to Lego Land.
~ The season pass is worth it if you are going more than once.
~ Try to get as much information from the website as possible because you will almost never get anyone on the phone if you have a question.

Other things worth mentioning include the fact that they have an adult night, rooms for birthday parties, toddler only days, and a store that is accessible to customers even if you did not attend the attraction.


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