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Just passing on another fun event!!!! The Merry Mixer!

Have you always wished you could have a wedding that would be so much fun it would make all your friends jealous?

Would you like to hear all your guests say "WOW that was the best wedding reception EVER" ?
The Merry Mixer
Thursday, March 26th---- 6pm-9pm
1420 Room, 1420 Dunwoody Village Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30338
Then get ready for a NEW kind of bridal event. You'll sip champagne (if your at least 21 of course), enjoy passed Hors D'oevres from A Divine Event catering, sample delectably delightful treats, and dip things into the chocolate fountain.
You and your friends will mix and mingle and meet some of Atlanta's top wedding professionals. No high pressure sales tactics, just the information you need to help you plan the perfect wedding.
Enjoy the great music from Atlanta's Best DJ, and yes it's ok to dance.
Get there early for more chances to win fantastic prizes.
As if THAT weren't enough, special guest Peter Merry, author of The Best Wedding Reception...Ever! will be there signing copies of his new book and will give a lively presentation on how you can have The Best Wedding Reception...Ever! For more details on the book click here:
Special offer: The 1st, 25th and 50th brides to purchase tickets online will receive an autographed copy of The Best Wedding Reception...Ever! Also, purchase tickets before March 13th and be automatically entered to win an IPod!
To purchase tickets and for more information go to: Tickets are $15-bride; $25-guest.


  1. I'm so sad that you don't blog as much anymore :( I hope everything is working out for you - I'm still crossing my fingers about the ATL trip :)


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