Thursday, January 11, 2018

HOTEL REVIEW: Our stop in Morris, IL - Comfort Inn by Choice Hotels

Comfort Inn, 70 Gore Rd. W, Morris, IL 60450

It's the middle of January and we stopped in Morris, IL for a night as we continued to travel for our business.

There wasn't much at this intersection where the hotel is located but if you cross the bridge into Morris, you will certainly find more options for food and shopping. Morris is a quiet town not far from Metro Chicago. One of the best known things there is the Dresden Nuclear Power Plant. They also have a really nice state park there, as well as host their Annual Corn Festival.

I gave them 4 out of 5 stars!! It was a nice hotel, reasonable priced, for a one night stop on our way home.
See my review of the hotel below:

PARKING: When i was there, it was snowing so I could appreciate that the parking lot had been cleared of the snow and salted. There was plenty of parking available for the amount of guest and it was well lit.

EASE OF CHECK IN/CHECK OUT: The agent was friendly and check in and out was a breeze. No complaints.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: The customer service was exceptional. All of our needs were met and everyone was courteous and professional.

REWARDS STATUS PERKS: Upon our arrival, we were offered water and snack (which you can see in the picture above). Additionally, we were granted our late check-out request.

CLEANLINESS: Our room was very clean and nice. The linens were fresh and the room was cleaned appropriately.

DECOR: The decor at this property was a little dated. In the lobby, there was a very nice fireplace and beautiful blue furniture. However, the rooms have not had the same attention given to detail. There were these three little pictures above the sofa that I thought were cute.

LOCATION: The location was easy to get to although you had to go down a little side road which can be missed if you are not paying attention. But ultimately, the property is close to the highway and there was no congestion.

BREAKFAST: Breakfast was great and one of my favorite things about this property!! All of the fruit was fresh and there was a variety of yogurt flavors, which is rare. The breakfast area was spacious and there were plenty of tables for seating. there was also a television in the area which was nice to watch over breakfast. The breakfast area was clean and well maintained, as well as kept fully stocked.

WI-FI & TECHNOLOGY: I wasn't there long enough o get any work done but for my minor WiFi needs, everything seems fine.

EXTRAS: We were here for such a short time that I am not sure of any extras that they may have. Although I did see an indoor pool which was a nice size!!

VALUE: This property was a great value and the rooms were very large. They are spacious and come with a sofa. We slept peacefully for a great price.

Are there other Chicago suburbs that you are in love with?

What's your favorite thing about Illinois? Any recommendations on "must try" things to do while there?

Also, let me know if you've ever been to this Comfort Inn and your thoughts!

Where are you in your corner of the world today?

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