Wednesday, September 20, 2017

PRODUCT REVIEW - Bic Velocity Max Mechanical Pencil

I am so impressed with this product!! I've been burned by mechanical pencils in the past that turned out to be a complete waste of money. But this Bic Velocity Max Mechanical Pencil has won my heart and I'm in love with how perfect it is for my needs! 
It comes in these awesome cool colors, writes super smoothes, the lead doesn't jump or skip while I'm writing, it's functional and easy to use, comfortable, and it has the biggest, best, eraser I've ever seen or used!! Best of all, the lead doesn't break off while I'm writing. Not only is that extremely frustrating, but it's also wasteful and costly.
I have really enjoyed using the product and it now has a new home as a staple in my home office, and professional environments. I also plan to keep one in my purse because it's just that good. I highly recommend this product!! ***The opinions reflected here are my own. I received all products shown complimentary, in exchange for my honest opinion.
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